About our motivation

The foundation feels involved with Christian Arabs in Israel. Therefore, the foundation is wanting to support the school of the Sisters of Nazareth in Haifa. From our own experience we know that the school provides good education. However, there is more to say about our reasons to support the school.

We find it important that:

  • Children have a safe learning environment. The current kindergarten building is not. The building is liable to be rejected so that preschoolers have no place at the school. If there is no provision for pre-school children, the number of notifications of the school decline.
  • The school a unifying factor is and will continue to be for the Christian community in Haifa. They meet at the school also for other activities organized by the school.
  • The Sisters of Nazareth to remain engaged with the Arab population. Not only for Christians but also for other faiths. Thus impoverished families financially supported, for example, they pay less tuition.
  • Christian education is provided to children and youth. The Christian population in Israel is a minority of less than 2%. Most are Arabic. This means that the Christian population is a minority within a minority. Most Arabs are Muslim. In terms of lifestyle, there are differences between Jews, Muslims and Christians. For Christian youth this often leads to identity issues (where do I belong to). The school cannot avoid this problem. However, the school gives students valuable luggage to function in society.
  • Our support is an encouragement to fellow Christians in Israel. There are people who worry about a development among the Christian-Arab population. Many of them migrate to other countries for such as study. They often do not return to Israel. Some people fear that the Arab Christians in Israel decline.
  • We can contribute to dialogue between Arabs and Jews. This need is there because in the (recent) history much has happened that affects the different population groups in Israel. As a result, there are mutual tensions which are visible in everyday life. We believe in dialogue as a means of understanding and respect to be able to bring to the respective positions and to combat prejudices. To thereby ensure that it’s not about living side by side but about ‘living together’. A good way to launch the dialogue among young people, is to offer an exchange program between the school and Jewish schools in Haifa. The foundation would like  to contribute where necessary to support these programs.