About the foundation

Foundation Friends of the Sisters of Nazareth-Haifa (Vrienden van de Sisters of Nazareth-Haifa) is committed to Christian Arabs in Israel.The foundation supports a Christian school in Haifa: the Convent of the Sisters of Nazareth. We have been supporting the school in different ways:

  • By providing financial support for the new construction project of the school;
  • Contribute to the establishment of exchange programs between schools in Haifa and the Netherlands;
  • By increasing awareness of the existence of Christian Arabs in Israel.

The Board of the Foundation consists of 4 persons:

Mr. A.W. van Vugt, Chairman
Ms. T. Blokland, Secretary
Mr. M.J. van de Geest, Treasurer
Mr. G. Sekeris, Board

There are two advisors at voluntary basis working for the foundation:

Mr. Gibran Siman
Ms. Johanneke Siman-Sekeris

The advisors work in Haifa. They maintain the contacts between the school and the board of the foundation.